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Necks are our speciality!

Urbanized Neckwear offers a range of contemporary handcrafted Neckwear as a unique and edgy alternative to conventional neck attire.

The brand creator, SJ is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur and style expert with an array of credentials

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We use zips, fasteners and eye-catching fabrics to create interesting structures and shapes to enhance the wearers’ unique style.  The versatile and unisex nature of many of our Neckwear designs means that a wearer can experiment with different ways of styling their fully handcrafted garment.

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Image of neckwear


Characterised by the careful choice of fabrics and innovative designs, our fully handcrafted collections will add effortless style to any wardrobe:



Baby Neckwear


Neckties & Bows

Versatile Neck/Head Wear

Face Masks, Headwraps & Belts

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Collaborative Designs

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Personal Style Coaching with SJ

My personal style coaching programme ‘Step into Your Authentic Personal Style’ is as much about working on the inside and how a person feels about themselves as it is about enhancing what everyone can see on the outside.


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