Get Ready to Step into Your Authentic Personal Style


“Style and inner confidence both go hand-in-hand. 

Over time both can be learned, cultivated and used to take you to the next level”



We always hear about the importance of confidence and self-esteem but we seldom hear about the vehicles by which they are transmitted.  I’m here to tell you that personal style is one of the quickest and most powerful modes of transporting or omitting your confidence to the people around you.  But it is the authenticity which this embodies that gives it the true power.

Authenticity is akin to the fuel on which your personal style vehicle is run; the more authentic your style, the more premium the confidence that radiates from your engine.  Embracing your true authenticity is as premium a fuel as personal style can get and the end result is nothing less than unstoppable, unmistakable, undeniable self-confidence.

So the message I give to you is that acquiring authentic personal style is an inside job; something that cannot be bought but instead acquired, nurtured and curated over time through the process of knowing and understanding oneself.  As intense and involved as that may sound, it is possible for everyone to achieve it and I have developed a formula for showing you how.

As your personal style coach I will guide you through my three-step personal styling programme and give you all the tools you need to unearth your authentic personal style and develop a working wardrobe that reflects that.  It will give you various building blocks of knowledge to help empower you to understand and make your own authentic style choices.  Like all new skills, once practiced over time this will become second nature.  No more wardrobe overcrowding, no more wasted money on useless clothing purchases, no more ill-fitting unflattering garments, no more ‘I have nothing to wear’ meltdowns – just refined style that radiates a confident unique you.


Here are the 3 Steps of my ‘Step into your Authentic Personal Style’ Programme:



“True Style Starts from within and Radiates without”

This step involves you working through a series of mini challenges over a period of 28 days.  Each challenge is designed to help you explore your personality and begin to understand who you really are and how this can be used to unearth your unique personal style.  This step is critical as everything you discover about yourself will be used to inform and shape the following two stages of your style transformation.



Show me whatcha working with!

Understanding your body shape is a small but never-the-less an important component of the giant style puzzle.  In this personalised step we will be applying the confidence gained in step one and practising the art of self-love by celebrate your body in all its splendour. By uncovering and understanding how clothing and accessories can be used to enhance your beautiful unique features, you will be introduced to some trade secret styling techniques and learn how to apply them to yourself and your everyday wardrobe.



The Wardrobe Workout

When people think of a wardrobe makeover, they often think of a complete overhaul… Let’s be realistic though, who on earth can afford that? I am pleased to tell you that this step in your style transformation comes with a strict ‘No Shopping Policy’, well at least until you fully understand the importance of ‘Working out’ your wardrobe.  This step focuses on organising and auditing your wardrobe, strengthening your personal styling confidence and introducing key components of signature style.  We will take all of the elements identified in the previous two steps to curate a complete wardrobe plan that screams you.


I hope you’re ready to Step into your Authentic Personal Style!


Much love,

SJ x




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