Discovering your Authentic Personal Style

“No matter what anyone tells you,

you cannot buy style but you sure as hell can learn it!”


My very first personal styling experience was with a client who went by the name of Barbie. She was so happy with my services that she recommended me to her best friend Cindy. Okay so I know they were both dolls, but every stylist has to start somewhere right?  In all seriousness though, in one way or another I have always been immersed in and had a passion for personal style.

Both Barbie and Cindy were renowned for their extreme (though unrealistic) body shapes, but as a child, creating clothes for my dolls gave me an early understanding of body proportions and curves and how to manipulate and enhance them through the use of fabric. As I got older, I progressed from dolls, but the learning nevertheless remained powerful and relevant.

I have ‘formally’ been in the fashion game for five years, but my journey expands way longer than this.  Over the course of four decades, I have expanded my sewing and design skills, learnt how clothing and accessories work, developed an understanding of the most effective ways to dress for different body shapes, how to improve our attitude to ourselves – All of which contributes to our unique personal style.

In a nutshell, I am awesome at what I do!  Please forgive me if this sounds arrogant but it has taken many years for me to whole heartedly believe this about myself.  Like many women, my deep affliction with Imposter Syndrome convinced me for years that I have to be way more than I am before I can call myself worthy of being an expert in my field. However, through my constant commitment to working on my own self-limiting beliefs I am now able to truly understand my worth, own it and scream it from my chest with a fiery blaze of confidence.

So let me share a little bit about my experience with you…

  • I have been sewing and designing since I was about five years old – That’s over 40 years!
  • I designed and created my first award-winning Carnival Queen costume when I was just aged 16 and went on to design more.
  • Again, at aged 16 I was commissioned to create a costume design instillation for a local museum exhibition.
  • I have designed, created and tailored countless numbers of outfits and developed my pattern cutting skills.
  • I have set up and run a successful international fashion accessory business creating and selling my personally handcrafted artisan Neckwear designs to customers from all over the world.
  • I was awarded an art mentorship which trained and equipped me to exhibit and sell my designs as a professional artist at the country’s top artisan contemporary art shows and exhibitions.
  • I have been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts and attended events as an expert guest speaker/panel member to speak about and share my personal and business experiences and knowledge with others.
  • In 2020 I was nominated, voted for and won two awards for local and regional Female Entrepreneur of the year.

Add all of this to the 25 years’ experience I have of working closely with vulnerable young people to motivate, encourage and raise their confidence, project planning, designing and delivering educational resources, I think it’s fair to say that I have more than earned my stripes as an expert in my field, don’t you?

‘Step into Your Authentic Style’ is about understanding yourself, educating and breaking a cycle of bad style habits that do not serve you. Being empowered to execute daily your own authentic personal style is a skill much like reading, writing and making your own breakfast.  The problem is it has never been seen as such so many haven’t learnt or do not understand the importance of it or have the knowledge to successfully execute it.  Fortunately, owning your own authentic personal style is a skill we can all learn and I want to show you how.

I’ve been on a mission for a while to find my true purpose and calling to serve others by helping them become the best version of themselves and I believe this is it!  Starting on Monday 5th April, join me along with many others as I take you through the first stage of my FREE 28 day ‘Step into Your Authentic Personal Style’ transformation challenge.  Simply make sure that you are subscribed to this website and all of the information will be sent to you automatically…  I can’t wait to get started on this exciting style journey with you!

Much love,

SJ x

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