Let’s Talk… The Energy of Authentic Personal Style

2020 shifted many people’s consciousness and forced us to focus on within. If the lockdowns gave us anything, it was time – time to think, time to reflect and time to delve deep within ourselves to look long and hard at who we really are.  Over the course of the year, many of us were pressured into challenging and re-evaluating where our long-standing ideals and beliefs about key aspects of ourselves come from and for many this included questioning the beliefs we hold about our own personal style.

What if many of us had fallen victim to externalising our beliefs about our own style?  What if we were playing out a version of style that isn’t our own but instead something we’ve been taught or conditioned to believe style is?  What if this imposed version of style was compromising our ability to be and share our authentic selves with the world?

You see, I believe that personal style is so much more and deeper than looking good.  I believe that it is about projecting who we are authentically into the world around us. It’s not about being told what looks good by the media or high-street outlets but rather knowing from 0ur core what feels and looks good to you. This makes possessing a wardrobe that best reflects who we are, a powerful tool.  Why?  Because it is a form of expression, a vibe, an energy force that we put out into the world.

My years as a designer has taught me that people always look their best when they choose not to pretend about who they really are.  Years of styling ourselves in a way that isn’t in alignment with our authentic selves brings an imbalance that leads to automatic discomfort and not feeling the best version of selves.  This is then projected out into our everyday lives; our careers, our social lives and relationships.

Figuring out our own unique personal style is important because when we feel in alignment and are in turn projecting our authentic self through our personal style, we instantly omit an effortless energy of confidence.  People who dress authentically to themselves look confident and the people around them feel that radiation of confidence.   People love to be around confident people – Confidence is contagious.  Confidence heightens a person’s mood.  We smile more, we laugh more, we feel able to challenge ourselves more and push out of our comfort zone to move towards achieving our goals and dreams.  Finding and embracing our own unique personal style is key to this as projecting the confidence it creates instantly makes attracting, connecting and engaging with others so much easier.

We are all works in progress, but the trick is learning to transform into the true authentic version of ourselves we were all intended to be… Have you stepped into the energy of your authentic personal style?  If not, what are you waiting for?


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk… The Energy of Authentic Personal Style

  1. Wow this is an uplift piece of handwriting, it’s like you handle your words with care, it’s so true tho forced into a different world that isn’t ideal then all of a sudden we become slave too our selves and only our selves we’ve got no one to answer to not even our kids let’s face it were suppose to handle them with care. I only hope we come out better with our true authentic selves and help those that didn’t reach with us. Amen

    1. Thanks Mel for taking the time to read and share your feedback on my blog. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and found it uplifting. It certainly is a topic that makes you reflect on the importance of authenticity. xx

  2. Every time we have met, particularly recently I see the authentic you. You are unique in style and energy and radiate something which actually resonates with me. I think I actually said that in a status many years ago and it remains true.

    1. Thank you so much Fluid for this lovely personal reflection. It’s taken me many years of hard work to align with my true authentic self. It hasn’t been easy but now I’ve found it I’m determined to share the light it omits… I’m now on a mission to help others find theirs too 🙂

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